Brickyard Enterprises canvases are always square, never warped, perfectly tensioned…. beautifully constructed.  I have tried everything out there and these are by far the best.  Their prices are extremely competitive and the customer service is as good as gold.  I am a happy painter!

~ Rebecca Kinkead, http://www.rebeccakinkead.com

I use Brickyard almost exclusively on all of my paintings. The quality is superb and you can’t beat dealing with local manufacturers in this day and age. They are also great people….

~ Craig Mooney, http://craigmooneystudio.com/

Another delivery of beautifully constructed stretched canvases–
Thank-you Brickyard Enterprises! Such a great visit in my gallery!!

~ Karen Tusinski, http://www.tusinskigallery.com

I would recommend Brickyard’s canvases to any painter who is serious about the quality and construction of their materials. It is obvious that every canvas and its stretchers are made with an incredibly high level of craft and care. As a painter who sells my work and who greatly cares about the long-term archival quality of my paintings, I use Brickyard knowing that I can feel confident that my canvases will last, and are made at the highest quality: wood strength, rigidity, stability, construction, canvas quality, canvas stretching, etc. To top it all off, Ann & Mike Poskas are a pleasure to work with. They are a hardworking company that genuinely cares about making the best products for their customers…and thus, they make a superior product that trumps all other canvases available on the market today.

~ Cameron Schmitz, www.cameronschmitz.com

Brickyard’s canvases are by far the most beautiful and durable canvases I have painted on, aiding in the production and presentation of work that feels like it can authentically withstand the tests of time. Add to this a very thoughtful, personalized, and timely business-ethic, and you’ve got an excellent support service for a painter.

~ Laurel Waters, http://laurelfultonart.com

Brickyard Enterprises provides beautifully constructed, custom built canvases and great customer service. Ann Poskas pays close attention to the details — from estimating the job and clearly outlining choices, to the final delivery of my canvases. Brickyard is a pleasure to work with.

~ Lori Glavin, http://www.loriglavin.com

This spring, with a deadline looming, I called Brickyard Enterprises to see if they could make me some large stretched canvases. Not only did they supply beautifully stretched linen canvas in a week turnaround time, they delivered right to my studio. My framer remarked that the stretchers were a pleasure to work with — square and taut. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and the service!

~ Kathryn Milillo, http://kathrynmilillo.com/

I have been purchasing my canvases from Ann and Mike Poskas for the past several years and have happily witnessed the growth of their business. Their success is no surprise. In addition to being hardworking and professional they are great people willing to help out in a pinch. The quality and consistency of their product is outstanding. Their shop is large and set up in a manner that allows them to easily accommodate artists needs. If there is something they haven’t done before they will figure out a way to do it and will do it well. Their custom van is an invaluable resource for artists and galleries because it allows transportation of not only large canvases but also entire bodies of work safely to and from shows. Once you choose to work with Brickyard you will not go anywhere else.

Anne Cady
New Haven, Vermont

~ Anne Cady, http://www.annecady.com/

The stretchers, panels and then the stretched final product of Brickyard Enterprises are A++++. As are their art handling services. It is good to know them. It makes my transition from 30 years in the NYC metro area to the Adirondack Park very fine.

~ Alison Weld, http://www.alisonweld.com/

Brickyard Enterprises builds my panels, and they are nothing short of museum quality. Always square, reinforced to avoid any warping and finished immaculately. I would recommend Brickyard Enterprises for anyone where beautiful craftsmanship only helps to compliment your work. They are a pleasure to work with, prompt and professional.

~ John Joseph Hanright, http://johnjosephhanright.com/